How to Play: The Magic Trail

Number of Players: (2-5 Players); Age (7+)

The Magic Trail is a family game where players compete to finish the magical trail while collecting a card from each magical place. The first player to complete the trail with a card from each Magical Place wins the game.

Components / Cards: 5 characters

Boardgame: Players follow the instructions on the cards to move along the board from start to finish. Some spaces on the board have a turn around arrow, which means the player must go back to the waterfall.


Numbered Step Cards: 1 Step (10), 2 Steps (10), 3 Steps (4), 4 Steps (4)

Magical Place Cards (6 each): Cave, Forest, River, Meadow, Rainbow

Mystery Cards:

Magic Place Card (wild card): Place the card in your playing field. This card can be any one of the magic places.

Double Cards: When you play this card, you can double the number of spaces you move forward on your next turn. Once played, put the card in the discard pile.

Switch Places: Choose a player and switch your spots on the board. Then put the card in the discard pile.

Teleport Back: When you pick up this card, you must teleport back to the last magic place. Then put the card in the discard pile.

Trade Card: You must trade a randomly chosen card from the person to your left. Then put the card in the discard pile.

Lose Your Magic Place: You must place one of your magic place cards in the discard pile.

Characters: Use whatever you wish, a rock, a Lego person etc. as your character. Each person chooses a character.

Setup: Place all characters on the start spot, shuffle the deck, deal each player five cards and place the remaining cards face down in the middle of the table.

How to Play: During the game, players take turns drawing a card and playing a card.

The youngest player starts. They pick up a card from the draw pile. They then choose ONE card to play. A player can either place one of their Magical Place cards on their playing field or play a number card to move forward on the board. Once they have completed their turn, put the card (and the mystery card if used) in the discard pile.

If they land on an M “Mystery card” space, the player must pick up a mystery card and complete the action on the card. After they have completed the action on the card, their turn is over.

The player to the left goes next.

Note: If the pick-up pile runs out of cards during the game, shuffle the discard pile and add to the pick-up pile.

Winning the Game: In order to win the game, a player must have completed two things:

1. Have each of the 5 Magical Place cards (Cave, River, Forest, Meadow and Rainbow) in their playing field in front of them.

2. Followed the board to the end of the Magical Trail.

Note: If a player has reached the end but does not have the five Magical Place cards, they must keep playing until they have all five.