These families volunteered to film a day in their life, sharing their stories and experiences during the COVID19 pandemic. We are grateful to every one of our participants, and inspired by their resilience during these unprecedented times. 

Meet the participants of One Pandemic Day!

Chelsea, Ryan, Nolan, Evelyn, Luke and Titus Posnikoff

Posnikoff Family

Chelsea and her husband Ryan have been married for 19 years and have been living in Oakville for 8 years. They have 4 children; Nolan (7), Evelyn (5), Luke (3), and newest addition, Titus, born June 2020. Chelsea shares her life with 3 young children, while also pregnant in the midst of a pandemic.

Dona Foucalt, Stewart Dick and Finnley Dick

Foucault/Dick Family

Dona is a high school teacher in Oakville, who shares her journey as a mom while also adapting to full-time online teaching due to COVID. Dona, along with her husband Stewart and son Finnley, share how the pandemic has impacted their day-to-day life.

Mayor Rob Burton

Mayor Burton is a Canadian businessman, journalist and politician. He currently serves as the mayor of Oakville, Ontario, in Canada. His wife, Dr. Wendy Burton lives with him in Oakville.

Simon, Lori, Libby, Tate, Ivy and Zeke Miller

Miller Family

Lori and Simon live at home with their four teenagers: Libby, Zeke, Tate and Ivy. Simon has been working from home since March 12th.

Dr. Nadia Alam

Dr. Alam is a Family Doctor and Anesthetist on the front lines. When she isn’t working long hours at the hospital, Dr. Alam is running a PPE donation drop off and pick up for health care workers. She shares with us the intense reality of her experiences.

Jessica Caceres, Raul Vasquez, Sophie Caceres Vasquez, Charlie Caceres Vasquez, Lidia Caceres and Maximiliano Cubillas

Caceres and Vasquez Family

Jessica and Raul are the parents of two teenagers; Sophie, a competitive figure skater, and Charlie, a competitive swimmer. A normally very busy family, they work to adjust to their new schedule with work-from-home, online schooling, virtual classes, workout routines, and more. They also anxiously await the arrival of Jessica’s mother, Lidia, who lives bi-coastal in Peru with her fiancé Maxi. Lidia is scheduled to fly home days after filming.

MP Pam Damoff

MP Damoff is a member of parliament for Oakville North-Burlington. As an MP, Ms Damoff is part of the Parl Sec Indigenous Services. She has been staying up to date on the news and working long hours remotely with her staff in order to find solutions to help her community with COVID-related issues.

Brenda, Reuven, Sam, Finnegan and Isla Cohen

Cohen Family

Brenda, a writer and stay-at-home mom of three, is quarantined with her husband Reuven and their 3 children; Sam, Finnegan and Isla, all elementary school students. They had been working on opening an E-sports training facility before the pandemic hit and have had to shift and adjust their business model. Their family has been in quarantine since the middle of February.

Onita Dey and Alexa Frankian

Alexa is a university student who returned home from her dormitory to live with her mother, Onita, on Friday, March 13th. Alexa studies Voice Performance at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music. Onita has been working virtually in the corporate travel space.

Riya and Rohaani Singh

Singh Family

Rohaani is an elementary student studying hard at home via online schooling. She lives with her mom Riya, her dad and her grandparents. She misses her friends and isn’t a fan of online learning.

Jonathan Kenney, DJ Kenney and Seisan

Kenney Family

Jonathan and DJ are the founders and owners of the Toraguchi Martial Arts and Virtual Sensei in downtown Oakville. They live at home with their pet baby African Grey parrot, Seisan. Sensei Kenney shares his journey as a small business owner and what adaptations they’ve had to make to survive.

Glenn and Sandra Edmondson

Edmondson Family

Glenn and Sandra live at home with their daughter Lauren and her boyfriend. Prior to filming, Glenn worked two part-time jobs, one being a worker on the front lines at No Frills. Sandra and Glenn join us from home in full quarantine as they recover from COVID symptoms.

Jenny, Brandon, Mia Cara and Amy Lockwood

Lockwood Family

Jenny and her husband Brandon are at home with their daughters Mia Cara (3) and Amy (8 months). Life with a toddler and a newborn during a pandemic can feel a bit more isolating, and Jenny shares the pros and cons of how she’s adjusted.

Josh McLean, Shelby Ryerse, Richard McLean, Rachel McLean and April Ryerse

McLean Family

Josh and his girlfriend, Shelby, were forced to pack up their apartment in North Bay, their college city, and move back to Oakville just as Ontario was put into a State of Emergency. Josh’s family welcomed Shelby as they all work to determine how they fit into their new normal. The McLean family demonstrate specific protocols and stages they’ve established for online orders and groceries.

Sophia Stapleton

Stapleton Family

Sophia is a high school student adjusting to her new online learning schedule. She celebrates a family birthday with family in Australia – virtual celebrations and video chats have become the new normal.

Dr. Maselle Virey and Miguelita “Mike” Virey

Virey Family

Nurse Miguelita (nicknamed “Mike”) and her husband Dr. Virey own a private practice. They continue to work from their office during the pandemic via appointments and assessments over the phone. They are the parents of our Director/Editor Mikelle.

Jeff and Michelle Knoll

Knoll Family

Jeff is the CEO and founder of Film.Ca Cinemas and Film.Ca Productions producer. He also serves as Regional & Local Councillor in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. He is joined alongside his wife, Michelle, who is the Executive Director of the Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre. We follow Jeff’s journey as he documents life as a small business owner and an involved community leader.